Claudia F. Savage

Finding Not Creating by Claudia Savage

Visual artist Howard Fonda goes deep about Romanticism, bird cages, Bukowski, and why the Governor can't be political. And, of course, we also discuss the philosophical influence children can have on art-making. Our conversation is a wild ride, complete with a six-pack, profanity, failure, and everything you'd expect in a graduate school seminar but never get!

Howard Fonda on vacation

Howard Fonda on vacation

“I like the idea of finding not creating—creating has some kind of hubris to me, whereas there’s so much unknown out there just to find.”


Howard Fonda gives a tour of his studio in Episode 5 of Thick In The Throat, Honey's podcast                                 My Philosophy by KRS-One and Boogie Down Productions

"…that’s one of the things about parenting that’s worked out well for me philosophically, [the] constant opportunities to learn not just for my kids but for myself…"

Howard's family

Howard's family

Radiohead + Little Moments = Hot Partnership and a Rockin' Family by Claudia Savage

Juniana Lanning playing drum set (photo by Chad Lanning)

Juniana Lanning playing drum set (photo by Chad Lanning)

In Episode 3 of the Thick in the Throat, Honey podcast, John and Claudia talk with the sound designer-electronic artist-improviser-composer-and badass mama Juniana Lanning about her artistic growth since having children. How Radiohead was the only thing she and her rock musician husband, Chad, had in common. Their label Fluff and Gravy Records. And why her first child had to learn to fall asleep to extreme noise.

The Lanning family relaxes…for a second.

The Lanning family relaxes…for a second.

As with all our podcasts, we feature how artist parents actually make work in their homes or studios. Check out the video below for a special tour.

Juniana Lanning takes us around her home studio and makes some music.

You have to find those little moments in your chaotic family life to keep the fire burning. To keep it going. Those little moments are so important.

— Juniana Lanning

Music can be made with anything, according to Juniana Lanning, electronic musician and sound designer. Here's a favorite method of her children.
Juniana singing with drum set.

Juniana singing with drum set.

Who we talked about in this episode:

Juniana Lanning’s sound design work

Seven Engines (with Kyle Bouchard)

Chad Lanning’s photography

Linda Austin

Doug Theriault

Kendall Core

The Flaming Lips


Iannis Xenakis

And, don’t forget to listen to the full Lanning family rendition of The Flaming Lips song, Do You Realize?, here.

The Ultimate Schedule (How Never Finding a Groove Can Actually Help You) by Claudia Savage

Every few weeks I remember brainstorming with John for the ultimate schedule!  This was going to do it. This would be the thing. I would write in the evenings after putting her to bed before the first feeding of the night. I would write in the mornings. I would go to the park to write. I would go to the library. I would stop stressing out so much and only write 4 days a week. Or 3. Or 2?

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