Episode 12: Interview with Jacklyn Brickman (visual artist, educator, and mother of 3) / by Claudia Savage

Jacklyn Brickman, visual artist, environmental activist, educator, and mother of 3, renews our trust in change and possibility. An avid experimenter in both form and subject matter, Jacklyn has produced work on the competitiveness of birds, the calls of frogs, the housing crisis, suburban lawns, and Egyptian mother goddesses. A Detroit, Michigan native, she recently moved her family of 5 to Columbus, Ohio to start a graduate program and has fallen in love with the black walnut. She is interested in the dynamic interrelationship between people and their habitats and her work spans installation, sculpture, drawing, and video with a special interest in collaboration and social engagement. Take the time to enter her world online. If you're extra lucky, she'll have an exhibit near you soon.

"Sometimes I think I miss out on opportunities because I have a whole entourage to consider."

Jacklyn Brickman at a recent exhibit, photo taken by her daughter

"I have artist friends who say they can’t get to work until their house is clean and, well, I would never get to work."

Jacklyn Brickman with husband, Andrew Bahrou, and 3 children.

"Where do environmentalism and culture collide? My aim is to engage people and try not to push them away."

Video tour of Jacklyn's studio with her kids