Episode 14: Interview with mamas extraordinaire Grace Campbell (flash fiction and nonfiction) and Laura Stanfill (writer and publisher) / by Claudia Savage

In this special episode, recorded at the Mineral School Artist Residency in Mineral, Washington during parent-artist week, Grace Campbell (flash fiction and non-fiction writer and mother of 3) and Laura Stanfill (fiction and non-fiction writer and mother of 2) talk with Claudia about how women can take up space and honor their voices, while not buying into cultural myths about motherhood and art-making. You won’t want to miss this crass, revealing, insightful talk that can only happen when three fed up women speak their minds.

Grace Campbell

“I get resentful of the culture of self-care…you are decrying my lack of taking time for myself but no one is stepping in to help keep my domestic ship afloat so I can take an hour of my life to write.”

Grace with her kids

“We collectively thought that there would be edge-walkers who would do the work for us...but we actually have to…clean this shit up for our daughters before they come of age.”

Laura Stanfill

”I bought into all the cultural myths.”

“When you have kids you can’t hide…I’m taking up more space between each muscle because my daughter is good about taking up space…She’s made me braver.”

Laura with her youngest daughter