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Episode 10: Interview with Andre St. James (bassist and educator)--Part 2 by Claudia Savage

In Part 2 of our interview with single dad, bassist, and educator Andre St. James, Andre talks relationships, musically and romantically. His hard choices. His brave ones. Get the tissues. We mean it this time.

"She's pregnant... Oh, man, does this mean I have to get a regular job? Working for Maytag or something?"

Andre and his son, Dreydan

"Oregon saved my life... before that I had no concept of what a relationship was. It was always that the music was first...having a child was not in my reality, I was going all around the world playing."

Check out and buy Andre's latest project with the Thollem/DuRoche/StJames Trio.

"I was on Intercity.... I've done so many recordings I can't keep track. I remember the record labels that I was on.... Idris Ackamoor, the alto player from The Pyramids, was in town and we were all hugging and kissing, it was all beautiful...and, then, he says, 'you were on that one record, that compilation, I'll get you a copy of it.' And, I was like what?"