Episode 12: Interview with Jacklyn Brickman (visual artist, educator, and mother of 3) by Claudia Savage

Jacklyn Brickman, visual artist, environmental activist, and mother to Felix, Sabine, and Reuben renews our trust in change and possibility. An avid experimenter in both form and subject matter, Jacklyn has produced work on the competitiveness of birds, the calls of frogs, the housing crisis, suburban lawns, and Egyptian mother goddesses. A Detroit, Michigan native, she recently moved her family of 5 to Columbus, Ohio to start a graduate program and has fallen in love with the black walnut. She is interested in the dynamic interrelationship between people and their habitats and her work spans installation, sculpture, drawing, and video with a special interest in collaboration and social engagement. Take the time to enter her world online. If you're extra lucky, she'll have an exhibit near you soon.

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Episode 11: Interview with Christopher Luna (poet, educator, community organizer, publisher, and dad) by Claudia Savage

Christopher Luna, poet, organizer and dad to Angelo, reminds us what it means to trust others and ourselves and how that can be applied to art-making, child-rearing, and life. An avid collaborator and supporter of others, he believes that putting love and community first allows everyone access to the best parts of themselves. He lives and teaches in Vancouver, Washington, runs the Ghost Town Poetry reading series at The Angst Gallery, runs Printed Matter Vancouver: a press and editing business with his wife, Toni Partington, and has transformed the writing scene, being named the Poet Laureate of Clark County for a record 5 years. 

"So, I'm in Vancouver [USA] and I'm bored because it is boring."

 Christopher Luna (photo by Julian Nelson

Christopher Luna (photo by Julian Nelson

"It is not the path of least resistance, it is the path of no resistance...what would happen if you allow people to self-police?"

 Christopher with his son, Angelo, at his high school graduation

Christopher with his son, Angelo, at his high school graduation

"When Angelo turned 12, I kept waiting for him to wake up...and hate me...but it never happened and now he is 18 and we still trust and respect each other."

 Christopher and Angelo on St. Mark's Place

Christopher and Angelo on St. Mark's Place

"No one says, can you take those poems off the bus please? I think it is a good thing for a writer to take public transportation because it gives you a more direct experience of your life."

Check out one of Christopher's latest projects Documenting Street Art (with Toni Luna and Leah Jackson) at The Angst Gallery--July 6-28, 2018.

 Christopher Luna's work space

Christopher Luna's work space

Episode 10: Interview with Andre St. James (bassist and educator)--Part 2 by Claudia Savage

In Part 2 of our interview with single dad, bassist, and educator Andre St. James, Andre talks relationships, musically and romantically. His hard choices. His brave ones. Get the tissues. We mean it this time.

"She's pregnant... Oh, man, does this mean I have to get a regular job? Working for Maytag or something?"

Andre and his son, Dreydan

"Oregon saved my life... before that I had no concept of what a relationship was. It was always that the music was first...having a child was not in my reality, I was going all around the world playing."

Check out and buy Andre's latest project with the Thollem/DuRoche/StJames Trio.

"I was on Intercity.... I've done so many recordings I can't keep track. I remember the record labels that I was on.... Idris Ackamoor, the alto player from The Pyramids, was in town and we were all hugging and kissing, it was all beautiful...and, then, he says, 'you were on that one record, that compilation, I'll get you a copy of it.' And, I was like what?"

Episode 9: Interview with Andre St. James (bassist and educator)--Part 1 by Claudia Savage

Single dad, bassist, and educator Andre St. James, splits open our mind with his stories of the tough choices he's made as a father and musician and of the jazz greats and teachers who shaped him. He'll make you howl with laughter and weep a bit, too.  

"They're just precious, so little, freaked out about the world... so I just couldn't leave for one or two weeks at a time when I got offers to travel and play."

Andre and his son, Dreydan

"I was a bad trumpet player as a kid and my neighbor said, 'hey, man, you might want to try this.'..and gave me a bass."

Episode 7: Interview with Robin Romm (writer and editor) by Claudia Savage

In our conversation with writer Robin Romm we discuss (as the antidote to Trump's State of the Union address) what it means for women to be ambitious, what we risk, how we fail, and if you can actually nurse twins while writing your novel. We tackle the hard stuff and leave nothing for the President.

Episode 6: 2017 in Review + Ice Cream + Beer + Parakeets by Claudia Savage

Claudia and John riff on 2017's art-making, crazy-household-making, artists collaborated with in the past year, and their best ice cream recommendations that will allow you to still pay your rent. Also, a look ahead to the parent-artists who will appear on the podcast in 2018.

Episode 4: Interview with Margaret Malone (fiction writer) by Claudia Savage

Margaret Malone talks with Thick in the Throat, Honey about time, taxes, and tours, and how she and her filmmaker husband Brian Padian balance art, work, and family life in a two parent-artist household. 

Episode 3: Interview with Juniana Lanning (sound designer) by Claudia Savage

Juniana Lanning (sound designer/electronic artist/drummer/mama) talks with Thick in the Throat, Honey about raising two kids and making music with the entire Lanning family, as well as running a record label and business with her rock musician husband, Chad.